Where do I go if I need help?

Contact your game controller

During the testing phase, we have seen that some confirmations have not been sent due to incorrect spelling of email addresses on the booking entry. You can check with the games co-ordinator to confirm your nomination.

When can I book my next game?

Games are on available to be booked 8 days in advance. This means that games on Tuesday are available to be booked on the Monday, a week before the game date at the same time as your game would start. For example, I want to play on Tuesday morning, the game time is 8:30am; this means that bookings for this game will start at 8:30am on the Monday of the week prior to game day.

No, you will need to contact the person you would like to play with.  The owner of the booking can either update the names by clicking on “Edit Booking Names” on their email confirmation or cancel and create a new booking.

Yes, you are able to cancel your booking by clicking on the “Cancel My Booking” link in the emailed bowls confirmation.

Yes,  you are able to change the names on your booking by clicking on the “Edit Booking Names” link in the emailed bowls confirmation.

No, only one team member is required to make the booking for the whole team.

When do I pay for my game?

We are not taking payment online, please pay for your game when you arrive at the bowls club.

You will need to provide your name, email address and phone number so that the bowls co-ordinator is able to contact you in the event of any changes to the game. You will also need to provide the names of your team members.

How do I make a booking?

Directions on how to make a booking using Acuity Scheduling are available in the 2023 Members Handbook and are also available on our website www.bowls.clubmooloolaba.com.au

Yes, single bookings are allowed on all games except for Tuesday afternoon games where the CBC has asked for Team Entries only. If you are a single entry and want to play on Tuesday afternoon, you can nominate on the waitlist. The CBC reserves the right to limit other games to be team only entries if required.